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Finding the ideal candidate for a job you’re recruiting for is often a challenging task – but the end result can be very rewarding. There’s a lot more to a candidate than just their CV and cover letter.

Even if they have the skills and experience for the job role, it’s more of a question of no whether they have the right attitude and personality to fit in with the working culture of the business you’re recruiting for. This may not be evident until you research the candidate beyond the CV and documentation.

So here are some recruitment tips to make sure you are sourcing the right candidates for the job.

Know the Role Inside and Out

Go Beyond the Skills and Qualities

When sourcing the right candidate for the job role, you should go beyond just matching a candidate’s skills to the job’s requirements. Of course, you should group together the best CV’s but don’t immediately go for what’s on paper. It’s important that the company and its culture fit with the candidate’s attitude and industry experience. Even if the person has the skills, experience and qualities for the job, the company may have a different target audience and culture to what the candidate has done before so they may not be the best fit.

Before you start rummaging through applicants and CV’s, find out as much as you can about the job role and the company. Visit the company website, read the mission statement and get a general idea of the atmosphere of the company before you start the recruitment process. Speak to the employer too and ask questions about the working environment and office culture. Make sure that you can give a good impression of the business and what it’s like to work there instead of just providing information about the salary, benefits and other perks.

Browse Social Media

An effective way of finding out more about a potential candidates’ personality is their social media activity. It doesn’t take long to search their name on Facebook and LinkedIn to get an overall opinion of them (if they’re registered online that is) and their qualities. Of course, people can make their Facebook page private unless you’re a fiend but LinkedIn can still be an effective way of learning of a candidate’s experience, qualities and overall personality.

Call Them and Ask the Right Questions

Beyond social media, phoning a potential candidate is still one of the best ways to get to know a person. Always ask the right questions that relate to both the job role and the personality of the candidate. Ask about future goals and what motivates them in the workplace to succeed. As important as it is to have the appropriate skills and experience, having a positive attitude and friendly demeanour can be very effective.

Prepare them for the Interview

If a candidate has been selected for a job interview then you should do everything you can to prep them for the big day. You should have an idea of what kind of questions will be asked in the interview and if they should bring anything with them. It’s also important to let them know of the smaller details like the entrance of the building if it isn’t obvious upon arrival and anything else that would be valuable to their success. Prep them with as many details as you can find to help them in the interview process.

You’ve done your bit, it’s now time for the candidate to take your advice and knowledge of the job role and hope it gives them everything they need to succeed in the interview. Always be in touch with the candidate by phone and email to discuss how the interview went afterwards.

Wish them luck!

If it’s a fortunate outcome and the candidate gets the job then be sure to congratulate them and you can even check in after two weeks to see how they’re settling in

If they’re not successful, you should approach the employer and get feedback as to why they weren’t chosen for the role. If the employer is direct and doesn’t provide the right constructive criticism then find out yourself from their comments to make sure the candidate is given appropriate feedback and nothing negative.

You should always find something positive from the situation as you will want to keep their details on file for any other job roles that become available and may be suitable for the candidate. By being positive it can help keep them focused and ready for the next opportunity that you may have for them.

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