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What is a data architect?

A data architect is responsible for a company’s data management system. They help create the data framework that is needed to meet business requirements. Their focus is often around business intelligence relationships and data policies, all of which come together to help create a specific database suited to the company. Data architects are often hired in larger companies that are dealing with big data to make data-driven decisions to optimise business processes.

Which skills are required to be a data architect?

Hard skills

  • Data modeling
  • Data Visualisation
  • Data Mining
  • Data Governance
  • Understanding of programming languages (Python, Java, C#, etc.)
  • Machine Learning
  • Hadoop technologies, like MapReduce, Hive, and Pig
  • Experience in working with enterprise architecture frameworks

Soft skills

  • Business acumen: you need to be able to create effective designs, which align with user needs as well as the organisation’s objectives and system requirements.
  • Communication skills: you often need to be able to make complex and technical information and language simple and accessible for non-technical audiences.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills: it is important to understand different actions and their wider implications and long-term impact on the company. This could include determining patterns, policies, and roadmaps.

Responsibilities of a data architect

  • Collaborate with different teams including data management and project management to help innovate data framework, address challenges and reach agreed solutions
  • Recommend solutions to improve new and existing database systems
  • Create and implement data management processes and procedures
  • Assess technology trends and guide how those trends will impact organisation opportunities
  • Provide governance oversight to ensure data models meet security standards
  • Review, refine and report on the performance of data management systems

What qualifications do you need as a data architect?

The role of a data architect is considered a highly skilled job; therefore, it may require you to have a degree in data, computer science, computer engineering, or something in a similar field. A lot of the coursework covered in these degrees will teach you the necessary hard skills including data management and programming etc.

Employers looking to hire data architects often look for a minimum of 5 years of experience in a data related role. So, someone who has previously worked as a data engineer, data scientist, or data analyst. Often these roles work underneath data architects and therefore you can gain industry experience by collaborating with them.

It is important as a data architect to show your willingness to continue learning new skills and continue to keep up to date with technology trends. Companies want to know they have the latest industry knowledge and insights to update their infrastructures.

How much does a data architect earn?

Starting average salary- £61,550

Mid-level salary – £86,000

High-Level salary – £112,750

The demand for data architects has increased by 105% over the past year, due to the increase in data being produced worldwide. If you have the necessary skills and experience to become a data architect.

As well as data architect jobs, you can also transfer your skills to similar roles including cloud architects, solutions architects, and business architects

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