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 see a lot of people say that the reason is racism or superiority that North Africans think they have over other Africans but surely No!


Egypt don’t want to be a part of Africa because most of them feel more attached to Middle East or Arab world because it is understandable that their ancestors came from Middle East. Kemet (ancient Egypt) was a Black civilization, Africans were the inhabitants of Kemet before the land was subsequently invaded by the Hyksos, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Macedonians, Arabs, Turks etc. Indeed the Arabs at one point in time invaded Egypt 🇪🇬 too. Gaddafi’s speech at the 2nd Arab-African summit in Sirte was one of the proofs of how North Africa became predominantly Arabs today. On October 10, 2010, while addressing the summit, Gaddafi apologized to Africans on behalf of Arabs for their enslavement and gruesome treatment during the Arab slave trade.

On behalf of the Arabs, I’ll like to condemn, apologize, and express deep sorrow for the conduct of some Arabs, especially the wealthy among them, towards their African brothers. The wealthy Arabs treated their African brothers in a disgraceful way in the past. They brought children and took them to North Africa, to the Arabian Peninsula and to other Arab regions. They subjugated and traded in them. They engaged in slavery and human trafficking in a most abominable fashion, to tell you the truth.

We are ashamed, along with our African brothers, when we recall this. We are ashamed of those who behaved in this manner, and especially the wealthy Arabs, who viewed their African brothers as inferior slaves. This is no different from the way the West, America and Europe, behaved towards the Africans. They would hunt them like animals, treat them like slaves, and act like colonialists. They engaged in colonialism and exploited them, and this continues to this day.

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