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Believable, you know Nigeria has 36 states and capitals, and have little or much knowledge of how these states got established.

Not to worry, this article will be bringing close to your reach, the names of the oldest states and their date of creation.

After Nigeria became independent in 1960, there was nothing like a state until 1967. All that it has was Eastern region, Northern region, Western region and Midwestern region which was a work of its colonial Masters.

◼ States creation

former military head of states , Yakubu Gowon began the creation of states immediately after the civil war in 1967. Gowon was said to have created twelve states with an aim to weaken the Biafran people. Below is a list of states he created:

1. Northeastern state

2. Rivers state

3. Cross river state

4. Kaduna state

5. Kano state

6. Midwestern state

7. Lagos state

8. Western state

9. Kwara

10. East central state

11. Northeastern state

12. Benue-plateau state

N.B only six of these states did Gowon actually created in 1967 ( Lagos, Kano, Kaduna, Cross river, Kwara and Rivers states).

later in 1976, General Murtala Muhammed increased the number of states to Nineteen (19). A comprehensive list of these states below;

* Niger and sokoto state from Northwestern state

* Abuja emanated from Niger state

* Imo, Anambra from East central

* Bauchi, Gongola and Borno states from Northeastern state

* plateau and Benue state by splitting the Benue-plateau state

* Ondo, Ogun and Oyo state from old Western state.

In 1987, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida brought up the number of states to twenty one by creating the states below:

* Akwa Ibom from Cross river state

* created Katsina from old Kaduna state

In 1990, the general also created Delta, Kogi, Jigawa, Taraba, Osun and Yobe states. Hereby, making the number of states 30 in total.

In 1991, General sani Abacha added to the list, Nasarawa, Ebonyi, Ekiti, Gombe, Bayelsa and Zamfara states respectively. Thereby bringing the till now total of 36 states.

Looking at it from the date of creation; we see clearly that , Kwara, Lagos, Kaduna, Kano, Rivers, Cross river and Kwara States are the oldest in the country’s history.

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